HUGS & SLUGS: Hugs prevail 9-3

Are you a star? Someone’s mom? Mrs. Claus? There’s a hug or a slug intended for you this week.

HUGS & SLUGS: Hugs prevail 9-3

HUGS: Huge fatty hugs to the North Star for always making it possible to find direction when it is needed most.

HUGS: A big hug to my mom for bringing me a nice hot beverage and a cinnamon bun to work today. It really brightened my day!

HUGS: To the older couple walking down at lakeside. A lovely reminder that once you’ve found true love, companionship can be eternal.

HUGS: Big hugs to the awesome ferry crew for the wonderful Xmas lights and tree each year. Thanks also for the incredible service you guys and gals provide all year round. – Happy traveller

HUGS: Super special hugs to all the fabulous volunteers who contribute knitting, quilting, sewing, baking, gardening, special cakes, and their precious time to help make our local health care facility wonderful and caring. We appreciate every one of you!

SLUGS: To the people who told two little girls that they could not sit on Santa’s knee, or tell him what they wanted for Christmas, unless they paid $14 for a photo. One of those girls believes fiercely in Santa and now she knows that you aren’t the real one, as real Santa would never do that.

HUGS: To all of the stores in Nelson who choose to celebrate the beautiful holiday season by playing Christmas music for a few weeks heading up to Christmas. There is such a short window to enjoy the sounds of the holidays. I love that I get to hear it everywhere I go to shop for a couple of weeks. Thank you for spreading the cheer.

HUGS: My car was scratched by another driver. In the end the issue was easily taken care of. I am sure most would have charged me for the slightest service but not a local autobody shop. They provided excellent service, did not want a cent and sealed the deal with a friendly smile and Merry Christmas wishes. Many hugs for the support I received.

SLUGS: To the transit system for not having any lights at the rural bus stops. Many times the bus has almost missed me because my phone light was not bright enough. Also, it is not fair for the bus drivers to criticize people for not having flashlights on them. Who always has a flashlight? Solar panels, motion detection, a flashlight at each bus stop … so many options to help our community.

SLUGS: Big huge slugs for the ongoing shocking inaction at the what can only be described as the new bus stop at the mall. It started with new pavement, now still no lights. I strongly suspect there was no plan in place to make sure of a safe alternative for the changes. Is anyone going to admit to a mistake? Myself, I’ve changed my shopping habits so I don’t have to seethe at the end of my chores.


HUGS: A very big hug and a Merry Christmas to the fellows who picked me up from the sidewalk outside a local craft fair. They offered to call an ambulance, which I declined as I was trying to help my wife with the craft items — it turned out to be quite serious, blood pressure on the brain. I want also to extend my thanks to the neurosurgeon in Kelowna who operated on my skull. Sir, you did a wonderful job and a hearty Merry Christmas and a big hug to you also. May God bless you.

HUGS: To Ms. Claus for joining her husband Santa Claus at this year’s light up event, and hugs to the organizers and planners who made this happen. My daughter, who has always been apprehensive of Santa and of men in general, was delighted to run up and visit the warm and welcoming Ms. Claus and tell her all her Christmas wishes and secrets, whilst my son hopped up happily on Mr. Claus’ lap beside them. I love how the whole town gets together in the street to welcome the holiday season. This festive community spirit is part of what makes Nelson so special and part of the reason why we plan to stay here long term. We are in love with this city. Nelson rocks!