Hugs win in a landslide 9-3

Most people in Nelson appear to be thinking happy thoughts this week.

HUGS: Hugs and more hugs to the teacher that gave us a raise because she thought we deserve it. You are one in a million.

SLUGS: To the person who took the pink astilbe from the stairwell garden at the Salvation Army. It was radiant. It will be missed by all, and now it will be homesick.

HUGS: I recently had day surgery at the hospital in Nelson. I just wanted to say that from the moment I entered through the doors in the morning until I left in the afternoon, I received nothing but wonderful treatment.  Thank you for each and every person I came into contact with.

HUGS: Hugs to my lovely church family who help out a mother of four with her little ones. Thanks for laughing with me and not being upset by all the antics.

HUGS: Hugs to the people of Nelson who pick up lost belongings and display them prominently for owners to find them. I used to wonder how one shoe could be lost by a child — now I know! Thanks for finding our blanket, new sock and shirt. All lost on separate occasions and happily recovered!

SLUGS: Slugs to those that have to compensate by riding open piped mufflers on their motorcycles and one-ton pickups. Nelson city has done a wonderful job keeping the power lines underground, how about the sound pollution now?

HUGS: Hugs to our regular letter carrier up here in Rosemont. He always has a smile and a friendly word if you meet him during his rounds. Thank you.

SLUGS: Slugs to customers who come into the establishment where I work in and take mugs outside. There is a clear sign that says please keep mugs inside. Then the customers get angry at staff when we come out with paper cups and politely tell you that they cannot be outside. Just because we work at this place does not mean you can be rude and aggressive towards us, nor are we beneath you. HUGS: Hugs to customers who are always nice to us. It’s always nice to serve nice customers. I love seeing my regulars every morning, makes my day.

HUGS: Huge hugs to the man who made my hubby’s 50th birthday cake the most memorable in a life time. You are so awesome. A bagpipe birthday song, wow, we will never forget it.

HUGS: Hugs to our neighbour for going above and beyond for us. You are not only a neighbour, you are our grandma next door and you are one that is beyond the greatest. Thank you for everything.

HUGS: To the Creston musician. Holy talent. What a wonderful world. You are the best. Your music is what we all love and need.

HUGS: To the organizers of the Canada Day festivities. What an amazing experience. From the pancake breakfast on Baker Street, which started the day, to the fireworks display that closed the ceremonies, the entire event was top-notch. I don’t know if people who live in Nelson realize what an amazing place this is. I wish my community was exciting, organized and passionate as yours.

If you have a Hug or a Slug… we’d like to hear it. Simply email us at with your short quips, compliments or complaints. Keep it tasteful and anonymous — no names of individuals or businesses, please. You can also drop by a written submission to our offices at 514 Hall Street.