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Here’s a story to restore your faith in humanity...

Here’s a story to restore your faith in humanity…

Travelling back from Vancouver to Nelson, my friend and I stopped at a fruit stand in Keremeos. Packing our purchases in the car, I left my wallet on the hood and we drove off. A few miles down the road we again stopped to buy from yet another stand (this time, cheese and shortbread). BLIND PANIC, I had a mental flash of where my wallet had been a short time ago. Money, credit cards, ID, you name it, there it was! We back tracked, only to confirm that, yes, it was gone. After going into damage control I calmed down, but could not help thinking of the utter nuisance of obtaining ID, etc.

Stopping in Grand Forks to get gas, Marylee’s cell phone rang and I heard the words “You found my friend’s wallet!” Getting a return phone number, I spoke with a Yan Michaud who hails from Ottawa and is presently touring Canada via bicycle. Following profuse thanks, I asked the obvious question: How did he get the number?

And this is the story.

My son, Patrick, has an art gallery in Ottawa. On his website, there are a few references to me. Yan phoned to check this out, obtained my daughter’s cell number who subsequently gave Yan Marylee’s cell number and voila — my wallet was safe.  He sent it back via Greyhound and I received it 48 hours later.

It transpires that Yan is director of e-communications, communication service products and service division for the federal government.  Obviously, he knows his business in communications and we can certainly be glad of that!

Beyond that, Yan’s integrity and willingness to help a stranger is beyond price, and the goodwill stretching across Canada makes me very proud of my adopted country!

June Mills