Kootenays help lead the way in forward thinking

Richmond joined Nelson, Kaslo and other Kootenay communities in the opposition of genetically engineered trees and plants.

Earlier this week the City of Richmond unanimously adopted a resolution which opposes the cultivation of genetically engineered (GE) plants and trees within the city. Richmond joins the municipalities of Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland, New Denver and Powell River, which have all adopted this important policy.

Last night’s decision is a great reminder of how our community (and any community) can inspire change beyond our borders. The Richmond Food Security Society and the Society for a GE Free BC used the resolution which was drafted by GE Free Kootenays in 2008 as a springboard for their efforts there. Richmond now becomes the largest GE Free zone in Canada and by being home to large tracts of agricultural land, their adoption of a GE Free resolution sets an even greater precedent for other local governments to follow suit.

A pat on the back to everyone in the Kootenays who supported the GE Free Kootenays campaign. Hurrah!

Jon Steinman

GE Free Kootenays