LETTER: 140,000 jobs are at risk

From reader Robert MacCrae

LETTER: 140,000 jobs are at risk

Re: “The hijacking of our education system gathers speed,” March 24

Tom Fletcher didn’t let facts interfere with his rant on climate action. Peaceful protest is a democratic right to inform governments of citizens’ concerns. Teachers prepare our children to participate in society, including expressing frustration with our government’s failure to address climate change.

The oil and gas industry doesn’t need to protest; it spends millions lobbying to gain billions in tax breaks through meetings behind closed doors. There are realistic alternatives to oil and gas. With political will we can eliminate our use of oil and gas within a decade just as the Americans put a man on the moon within a decade of JFK’s challenge.

Last week at Selkirk College, Robert Gray, a forestry consultant, told students that without transformative action on climate change in 20 years there won’t be a forest industry in B.C. One hundred and forty thousand jobs are at risk.

Robert M. Macrae

Instructor, Integrated Environmental Planning Technology

Selkirk College