LETTER: A mess at Kokanee Creek

From readers Gusti Callis, Lisa Bramson, and Terry Lowery....

LETTER: A mess at Kokanee Creek

The Kokanee Creek delta froze over this year, providing a great skating opportunity. A rink was made toward the west end of the ice. One day with a particularly large hockey game going on, there were a number of nail-filled wood pallets burned on the ice.

This has left behind a pile of rusty nails as well as a bunch of burned wood with nails sticking out. It is where hundreds of children play and people swim.

I would hope that in the future with a little intellectual examination by the burners this will help to avoid any more of these rusty nail messes. We cleaned it up.

Gusti Callis, Lisa Bramson, Terry Lowery

Crescent Beach