LETTER: A not so lovely walk in Nelson

From reader Rick Lingard....

LETTER: A not so lovely walk in Nelson

I went for a lovely walk today. Nature walk and counting exercise, if you will. From the beginning of the boathouses parking lot, on just one side, I counted 100 dog poops.

Then I stopped counting until I reached the entrance to the launch club where there is a garbage can. Within 15 feet of the garbage can I counted 44 dog poops. My question to Nelson dog owners is…WHY?

One day I witnessed a dog relieving itself along the parking lot and when I caught up to the owner and asked him to please clean it up he claimed he didn’t see it happen, walked away and refused to clean it up.

If you have a dog, it will need to go. It is always your responsibility to keep an eye on your dog and clean up after it happens. It is completely unfair to others trying to enjoy common spaces when we are confronted with your pet’s waste. This has gone from ridiculous to disgusting.

Rick Lingard