LETTER: A seat at the Nelson sports table

From the Nelson Regional Sports Council

The Nelson Regional Sports Council, a volunteer board advocating for sport in our community, has been ignored by Recreation Commission 5 thus far as to have any of the recommendation put forward by the task force paid for by the tax dollars of the community.

To ensure this lack of progress ends we are formally requesting a voice and a permanent seat on the commission to allow NRSC the opportunity to offer an informed directive representing the user groups made up of mainly volunteers representing sports in our region.

This position or seat on the commission will allow collaboration between the RDCK and municipalities, offer insight and balance from the user groups, and hopefully stop the bureaucracy and finger pointing as to how any decisions are funded that have stalled or derailed the process for many years if not decades.

We strongly urge each governing body to accept this offer to improve and support our elected officials in finding common ground between the governing bodies of the RDCK and the municipal groups in developing strong leadership with policy directives and access to the co-managed facilities for all user groups while ensuring recognition of all sports groups and their volunteer boards.

Alex Ulaszonek, David McCulloch, Barbara Brych, Kristina Little and Sarah Gower

The Nelson Regional Sports Council board