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LETTER: Against private homes on a public lake

From reader James Wheeler
Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Re: Facing eviction, Kootenay mom living on floating home pleads for reprieve, Sept. 14

I was disappointed to read the article about the illegal floating homes on Kootenay Lake. In my view, the owners of those structures were portrayed as victims. In fact, one referred to the government intervention in their illegal homes as harassment.

The victims in this situation are you and I and the communities around our lovely lake. These structures are constructed on a public waterway and accessed through public lands. The structures themselves and their septic systems have all been constructed without permits or inspections. They pay no property tax. They park on the highway and force every biker to weave out into traffic to get around them. They also force the plows in the winter to move around them, and prevent them from doing their job.

Thank you very much to the government agencies that are working to prevent these homes and any other homes on land or on water being built on public lands. I noted in the article that there has been ample time given to the owners to make arrangements to move them. I look forward to being able to drive down the highway or paddle down the lake without seeing private homes on public property.

James Wheeler