LETTER: An unexpected kindness

From reader David Ranni

The Vienna Cafe’s owner, Ian Christner, has provided more than delicious breakfast and lunch options to my family in his place of business. We would like to express my sincere gratitude and thank Ian for his warm-hearted act of kindness.

Ian offered to help my brother when he was faced with extenuating circumstances that required him to hastily leave Nelson to move back home to Cape Breton on a few days notice.

My brother needed to dispose of all of the contents of his apartment to include food, surplus clothing, and furniture. It also needed to be cleaned and prepared for the next tenant. We had no idea how this could be done. While having breakfast at Ian’s café, we asked Ian if he had any suggestions. I was totally surprised when my new friend Ian kindly and without hesitation offered his assistance in taking care of everything, so we could head back to Cape Breton with one less thing to worry about.

This act of kindness Ian graciously showed my brother was selfless, generous, and greatly appreciated. Ian enabled my brother’s transition back to Cape Breton with just a few days’ notice and relieved us of a lot of stress.

In addition to helping my brother, Ian helped others by donating some of the contents from the apartment to worthy causes in the community designed to help others in need.

Ian refused any compensation for his work and effort. I asked Ian what we could possibly do for him. The one thing Ian asked of us in return was that we return his act of kindness to others else in need.

For those that know my brother, Verne, he is now at home with his family in Cape Breton and doing well.

David Ranni

Sydney, N.S.