Granite Pointe Golf Club in Nelson. File photo

Granite Pointe Golf Club in Nelson. File photo

LETTER: Anger at Granite Pointe

From reader Jakob Dulisseā€¦

Re: Nelson golf club logs in protected heron nesting site

As a wildlife biologist and Nelson taxpayer, I was disgusted and dismayed to learn about our golf course wilfully damaging great blue heron nesting habitat.

Granite Pointe managers and ground crews completely ignored advice regarding recommended buffer zones for nests of this at-risk species and continued logging within 20 metres of three nests. This exposed the nests to increased wind damage from storms. One nest has since blown down and another has been severely damaged. This stand is likely no longer suitable for nesting.

It is my understanding that Granite Pointe Golf Club has struggled financially over the years and has enjoyed the benefit of many financial and tax concessions from the City of Nelson. I have to ask: why on earth are taxpayers subsidizing this environmental destruction?

Jakob Dulisse