LETTER: Area D director accepts voters’ challenge

Aimee Watson, director for the north Kootenay Lake area, urges her constituents to vote.

Re: “Gauntlet thrown in voting challenge”

On behalf of Area D in the Regional District Central Kootenay, I am thrilled to accept and support the Community Voters Challenge for the upcoming federal election.

Area D residents hold diverse views, boast strong opinions and possess many talents. Our community’s demonstrated ability and tendency to speak up and vote for its views and values should make this an easy challenge. However, given voter apathy and the public’s increasing complacency to engage in a system that tends to alienate the citizenry, I welcome this challenge to start the shift our country so desperately needs.

I encourage all constituents, no matter their preferred political ideologies, to get out and mark their choice so that we can drastically increase voter turnout. While we are well aware that our political system is fraught with issues, I am positive this is the beginning of a movement to fully activate the democracy upon which our society rests and rises.  Complacency will lead us nowhere.

Fellow residents of Area D: I know you all have strong opinions and a plethora of values that are deep and noble. I call on you to embrace this opportunity to vote for the candidate that best suits your beliefs. You have a vote: please use it! Remember: every vote does count.

I am excited about this challenge and the discussions and debates it will inspire.

I’m grateful to the Community Voters Challenge for initiating this timely and important endeavor. And I thank the public for accepting the challenge and demonstrating democracy in action.

Good luck to us all!

Aimee Watson


Electoral Area D