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LETTER: Avoiding climate hell

From reader Brian Zacharias

Reality is not subjective, but objective. It is not based on opinion or wishful thinking, but on physical evidence. The evidence tells me that in the words of the Secretary-General of the U.N., “We are headed for climate hell.”

I have noticed that this reality is bringing out the best in many people. People are becoming more caring and compassionate. There is an increasing awareness of the spiritual side of life. So, where is the hope? Governments and industry are more motivated to act to at least lessen the impact of the adverse effects of climate change. We need help to secure a future for all the beautiful children of the world.

Help is available from the spirit world. Messengers from the spirit world can inspire us and at times save us from disaster. Some people think that God (as they understand it) will suddenly fix things and so we don’t have to do what is required. I don’t think so. We have to figure out what is required. We have to do our part. I have a series of videos on YouTube called Hope, Truth, and Miracles. I invite the reader to check it out.

Brian Zacharias