LETTER: Bill 51 has inadequate control

Reader says lack of oversight means the country could evolve into a police state.

LETTER: Bill 51 has inadequate control

Re: Protesters rally against Bill 51 in Nelson

Anti-Terrorism Bill C51 not only threatens everyone’s freedom of expression and association who in any manner oppose and/or peacefully demonstrate against the bill. It transforms CSIS into a secret police/spy agency against Canadians and co-opts the judiciary branch into granting warrants to CSIS requests.

To oppose granting a warrant may be seen as being against the national interest and perhaps those judges would come under scrutiny. You can see where this bill may lead to. It allows CSIS to disrupt “radical websites.” No definition has been given as to what “radical websites” means. Most important, there is an inadequate control by parliamentarians and/or objective people to ensure that this country does not evolve into some form of police state.

Bob Abrahams