LETTER: Brittny Anderson, NDP leader or Nelson-Creston’s first Green MLA?

From reader Keith Wiley

Hey, Brittny, do your party a favour and run for leader! Surely they are allowing a contest? I haven’t heard. John Horgan even said they need generational change – and do they ever. Brittny you could challenge the NDP to really take on our environmental crises.

B.C. used to be a leader in reducing carbon emissions, but the CleanBC plan is a joke that has no real chance to meet even its low targets. The LNG push to frack gas in B.C. and pump it, without permission, through First Nations territories will dramatically increase emissions. A big chunk of that gas will be burned in Kitimat to power the LNG compressors. Leaky gas systems will release more and more fugitive methane, and its 80 times worse than CO2.

CleanBC says we have to reduce private vehicle trips by 25 per cent in the next eight years. But do you see any real action on that front? Your government is going to spend billions on a new tunnel to keep the cars running.

The Site C dam, the failure to reform forestry from its devastating clear cut ways, and the complete lack of real vision for making B.C. an environmental leader aren’t what the province needs.

Brittny, by running for leader you could do your party a real service, raise these big elephant-in-the-room issues, and maybe, just maybe, you could lead B.C. to real renewal.

It’s a long shot, of course. The party machine is all set to settle on business-as-usual David Eby. The Old Undemocratic Party has no plans to modernize our province and deal with the big crises that are right in our face. B.C. of all places should realize we need to change.

But, if you don’t win, or aren’t even allowed to run, you can cement your own chances for re-election in our riding by switching sides. Be daring! Cross the floor and become Nelson-Creston’s first Green Party MLA.

Keith Wiley