LETTER: Build community centres for doctors

From reader Val Grimes

Re: ‘We have no other health-care options’: Nelson walk-in clinics struggling during family doctor shortage, June 30

Your news item included the clearest solution: build it and they will come. Provide several venues spread around approximately like public schools, for medical care in the community. Doctors seeking life balance and not a small business to run want to work and live where they can doctor without headaches.

Communities should provide for doctors. Alaska, Utah and California do it. ICBC centres have everything under one roof such as diagnosis, assessment, care plans, referrals, billing services. A doctor should just go to work, get paid as teachers do, only better and in-line with their specialized, responsible skills. Add space for visiting specialists, nurse practitioners, baby clinic, immunizations, diabetes checks, talk therapists, dental surgeon, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational and geriatric consultations. Swap out of spaces and serve where needed.

Would they quickly be swamped? Build as need arises. Doctors serve and agree to salaries for service. Community provides centres and then benefits from medical stability.

Val Grimes

West Vancouver