LETTER: Campaign failed to address working class

Reader Bob Abrahams lays out the reasons he was disappointed in the federal election campaign.

Despite the length of the recent federal election campaign, I found the entire experience disappointing. Not because of the result but because of what was not said in all of the gibberish and promises we heard.

None of the major political parties referred to the working people of this country, the working poor. Not even the “socialist” NDP, the so-called party of labour unions, referred to the working class. Instead, like the other parties, they were concerned about the middle class.

There was no mention of a guaranteed annual income, the repeal of Bill C-24, the creation of full-time, well-paid permanent jobs, guaranteed benefits for part-time workers, withdrawing from NATO, ending tax loopholes for the wealthy with jail for corporate tax evaders, strengthening and enforcing employment equity for First Nations people and the scrapping of the temporary foreign worker program. Very disappointing.

Bob Abrahams