LETTER: Canada’s involvement in foreign wars

Reader lists some things on which military funding could be better spent.

The Harper Government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars fighting wars in which Canada does not belong—Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and now, Syria. What benefits have been derived from these wars? None! What could have those hundreds of millions of dollars been spent on? Increasing grants to the arts, to Native women’s groups, to a nation wide pharmacare program, a nation wide day care program, to the CBC, to a massive infrastructure re-building program employing thousands of Canadians. It would also have prevented Harper’s government from reducing funding cuts to the provinces between March 31, 2014 and March 31 of this year of $987 million. This loss of transfer to the provinces, has resulted in reduced funding to schools and hospitals.

This is the sacrifice that Canadian citizens have been forced to endure because of Harper’s attempt to emulate Obama in getting involved in foreign wars that have produced, in the end, nothing but the loss of life of Canadian military personnel.

Bob Abrahams