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LETTER: Candidate withdraws from Nelson election

Heather Keczan has decided not to run

I would like to hereby and heart-fully thank you for your offer of support and encouragement for my bold decision to run for Nelson City Council. I love democracy and I love debates and I love where I live. I carry the weight of both sheer joy and complete sadness for the future of our fair city. While I know that Nelson residents are some of the most creative, compassionate, conscientious and ingenious people around, there is still a dark and tumultuous world out there. Climate change, superstorms, wildfires, droughts, peak oil, peak soil, the housing crisis, social isolation, food waste/food insecurity, giant ocean garbage patches, arguments with neighbours, you name it and motivated cities can change it. Cities play a vital role in the radical re-localization of resources, realities and relationships necessary to help us all out of this awful mess. So I’m wearily hopeful.

Despite this deep intrigue for urban renewal and my particular knack for building community-based composting, I am respectfully withdrawing my candidacy for Nelson city councillor for this term. I still have a lot to learn about this monumental task. I am confident that from this long list of candidates we will end up with six councillors who are ready to take this city where it needs to be.

Heather Keczan