LETTER: Cats should remain indoors

I am a responsible cat person who owns a lovely 14-year-old pussy cat named Missy. She is spayed and an indoor only cat.

Re: “Can’t control your cats,” Letters, June 20

I am a responsible cat person who owns a lovely 14-year-old pussy cat named Missy. She is spayed and an indoor only cat.

I wish to respond to a few points in the letter. The writer, Mary Mortimer, makes some good points. It is rather the tone of her letter which I do not like. It seems openly hostile and rather negative towards cats. Perhaps she is just not a cat lover. That is most evident from the way she has chosen to write her letter.

Cats are wonderfully intelligent creatures who, despite the tone of Ms. Mortimer’s letter, are creatures who show affection and give and receive love. Yes, they are their own creatures. That is one of the many reasons I love cats.

They are very independent and don’t just give love freely. You have to really work for the love and respect of a feline. I also love birds, dogs, fish and all sorts of other kinds of animals. But my most favourite animal of all is the cat.

So I can only surmise that she has either never liked cats, or understood them or had bad experiences with a cat coming into her garden.

Which I can understand would be very frustrating and upsetting to have a cat or cats use the garden as the bathroom. I believe that the context of her letter is aimed at irresponsible cat owners whose cats run freely and those that are causing havoc in neighbours gardens.

Or as Ms. Mortimer stated in her letter, “And my bird baths are not double sinks for their ablutions.” So I can well see and read from the tone of her letter that clearly she is frustrated with cats coming through her yard and leaving messes.

I am here to speak for those of us who love and treat our cats like kids. I have no children nor do I want any, so my cat Missy is my fur baby.

I have always advocated for myself and believe for others that cats should be indoor only, as it keeps them safe from harm such as cars, getting into gardens, and getting into trouble with other cats. Or finally perhaps people who just neither care for, don’t like or understand cats.

Finally Ms. Mortimer does make good points about being a responsible pet owner which I fully support. Also that cats should always be spayed. That is just part of being a good pet parent.

I would just hope that Ms. Mortimer, even if this letter does not change her view on cats, will see there are those of us as people who love cats, are responsible and truly care for our cats. Perhaps those whose cats are outdoor cats just don’t know about the mess their cats may be making. Here again is why I fully support and follow my cat and other cats being indoor pets only.

But unlike Ms. Mortimer I would never want there to come a day where cats become extinct.

Have your cat spayed or neutered.

Natalie Petersen