LETTER: Checking out all the facts

The original Recreation Commission was established in 1972.

On reading Nicole Charlwood’s letter to the editor (Nelson Star October 29 issue) in regard to the NDCC pool closure there are several inaccuracies that should be clarified as follows:

The original Recreation Commission was established in 1972 consisting of elected reps from RDCK Area F, Defined Area E, City of Nelson and a cross section of eight to 10 volunteer taxpayers and user groups from the taxation area providing public oversight and input to decision making. (it was not until 2008 when the present recreation commission eliminated the public oversight /input and replaced it with three city rep’s and two RDCK Directors).

I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to hear further from this dedicated group of volunteers who you have suggested people should “point their anger at”.

As well your comment  about you surviving short time pain for long term gain, try explaining this to the 80 plus kids and dedicated parents of the Neptunes swim team who have been wonderful ambassadors  for Nelson and area across the province missing a full year of competition and possibly folding.

Your comments about no reserve accounts are way out of line as a reserve of approximately  $37,000 per year was started in the mid 1990s and to the best of my knowledge carried through to 2005/06.

In addition there was ad revenue after the NDCC opened that was to be allocated to the reserves.

You have a responsibility to check the facts before  making public statements.


Al Dawson,