LETTER: City needs to be accountable for Hall St. mistakes

Reader Richard Metzner says the blocked alley by Co-op Radio is a result of poor planning.

First off, I would like to thank the city of Nelson’s Karen Macdonald and crew for addressing the entrance to Kootenay Co-opRadio by putting in a step for people who park across the street, although this is temporary fix.

However, my concern is with who will be held accountable for the obvious mistakes that have occurred in our “Stores to Shores” project. My understanding was that Hall Street was to be lowered in elevation and that there would be increased visibility and safety at the Hall St. intersection with Vernon.

Now we have a higher Hall Street which has blocked the drive-through alley south of the radio station and reduced visibility at the aforementioned intersection, not to mention no handicapped and seniors access to the radio station and the disappearance of more precious parking spots.

As a construction contractor (masonry) in the Kootenays for over 35 years, if and when mistakes were made by my crew I had to be accountable for making things right. In this situation I am afraid we the taxpayers will unrightfully be held accountable as our ever-increasing tax dollars will be thrown at this project to be made right, while we wonder if there ever was a proper plan with workable elevations and foresight, and who is really responsible for these obvious mistakes.

Richard Metzner