LETTER: CleanBC is not so clean

From reader David Cunningham

During the recent provincial election the NDP stated that their CleanBC plan was an aggressive environmental plan.

Upon reading the plan it does seem to be a strong plan. However, it includes building the Site C dam to produce electricity for the fracking industry in Northern B.C., which will provide natural gas for the Coastal Gaslink pipeline. The Site C dam infringes on Native rights, and will submerge one of the most fertile valleys in Northern B.C.

Fracking is known to cause earthquakes, which could destabilize the dam. Fracking and the liquidification and transportation of natural gas releases large amounts of methane gas.

The carefully laid plans in CleanBC of electrifying transportation, making our buildings more energy efficient, and reducing waste will be meaningless when we add in the methane released by the Coastal Gaslink pipeline and the fracking operations that feed it.

To make the CleanBC plan viable we need to cancel the Coastal Gaslink pipeline.

David Cunningham