LETTER: Climate change should be No. 1 election issue

From reader Brian Zacharias

The news is hard to believe, but it is necessary to maintain some optimism in these trying times. I marvel at how well my garden is doing as long as it has water. When I hear of eight inches of rain in an hour, it is hard to imagine that is possible. It has been 49 C in Sicily and Lytton. A federal election is coming. Given the rate at which our planet is heating up, the No. 1 issue in that election should be how to combat climate change.

I’m sure we would all feel better if more was being done to curb the ever-increasing carbon emissions. We all individually can do our part by consuming less. The biggest challenge aside from fires, floods, and hurricanes is rapid sea level rising. According to scientists, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is equal to what was in the atmosphere when the oceans were 15 feet higher. It takes a long time to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere and we are constantly increasing the volume of our emissions. This battle we are all in, like it or not, is rapidly becoming a matter of survival.

Brian Zacharias