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LETTER: Collective action for a collective climate problem

From reader Ron Robinson

Grass roots isn’t just about carbon sequestration. When it comes to mitigation and sustainability strategies, we are seeing an increase in communities working with their municipal governments to affect meaningful change in dealing with the causes and impacts of the disrupted climate in which we live.

Locally, the Nelson Next Climate Action Plan takes a more holistic approach by looking at both adaptation and mitigation and the areas of overlap to help guide meaningful action.

Regionally, the RDCK Climate Action Plan focuses on five interrelated pathways that will help to develop integrated programs and policies that will help with risk reduction, adaptation and a resilient region.

In large urban areas including Regina, Montreal, Edmonton and Halifax, citizens are organizing to collaborate with their local governments in collective action for a collective problem. The key element here seems to be community involvement, working together in helping to create the future in which they want to live.

Ron Robinson



Bill Metcalfe

About the Author: Bill Metcalfe

I have lived in Nelson since 1994 and worked as a reporter at the Nelson Star since 2015.
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