LETTER: Connecting with ancestors

From reader Ron Robinson

We are currently living through a mix of catastrophic weather and related environmental events that seriously impact our global culture. If we look at many of the significant cultures from the past, they too went through the same types of events and practices that would eventually help put an end to their culture. That list would include drought, deforestation, agricultural collapse, water management problems and over exploitation of resources.

It took several thousand years for cultures like the Indus, Maya, Anasazi or Easter Island to come and go. Human activity was a factor. We are experiencing the same decline but compressed into a few hundred years. The same factors or “dots” are involved.

Those long gone cultures didn’t realize that much of what they were doing would help lead to the end of their cultures. Even with our extensive understanding of climate dynamics and the effects of human activity, like our ancestors, we too are failing to connect the dots.

Ron Robinson