LETTER: Cruising along on the bike route

From reader Andrew Murray

This morning I rode my bike — with BOB trailer attached — from Sproat Drive to downtown along Third and High Streets (the cycle route).

It was raining lightly and about 2.6 kilometre one way. I left at 8:15 a.m. and cycled to the Nelson Library to drop off a book, then to a Baker Street shop and then to the Kootenay Coop where I did our grocery shopping for the week. The BOB trailer bin was loaded full and it was heavy. Then I cycled back home, again along the cycle route. No rush. No sweat. I was back home at 9. Forty-five minutes. There was not a single stop sign along the the whole way.

This cycle route is wonderful. Get on your bikes folks. Cycle to work, to shop, to visit, to get and stay healthy and to help the planet. And cycling is fun!

Andrew Murray