LETTER: De-carbonization and the Generation Gap

Reader Ron Robinson says four generations is too long to achieve de-carbonization.

A Canadian born today will either be dead or perhaps in a nursing home before the current G-7 plan for “de-carbonization” is scheduled to be complete.

It will be the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those just born who will write the history of the event and how a lack of political will and leadership conspired to prolong a process of transition and remediation.

Does it really take four generations to affect the necessary political and economic change to develop a new model on how we produce and consume energy? Does it really take four generations to re-assign capital assets in to sustainable “green” industries? Does it really take four generations to re-train workers to find employment in those industries?

Canada and Japan are an embarrassment in a world where other countries have projected to achieve the same goals in less than half the time as the recent G-7 settlement.

The planet deserves more than the timid and self-serving involvement of Canada and Japan. It is definitely time to start looking  for that leadership and political will that would be able to shorten the delivery date of our promise to the planet.

Ron Robinson