LETTER: Discussion on market buildings worthwhile

Reader John Alton says the discussion about the market is headed in a constructive direction.

Re: “Cottonwood Market demolition on hold, for now (maybe),” Sept. 18

I want to send a big thanks to Nelson city council for listening to our appeal to allow the market buildings to remain until we have public input. I feel really good now and excited that everyone will be able to have their say and we could possibly generate many ideas not yet thought of.

Already council communicated to me an interesting thought of maybe putting on a nicely designed new roof. Even though at the end of the process the decision may be to take the buildings down I still believe the process will be worth it and would have felt so bad to just have the buildings demolished this November with no discussion.

However, I am hopeful that the building will be there for next year’s market season so we have time to fundraise and plan for what sort of shelter we want for the market. Whatever we build should work for many purposes so we can use the facility more than once per week and ideally it could house a year-round market.

Looking forward, I hope we get a good turn out to the Railtown planning meeting in November and this will bring us together to shed some light on future plans.

John Alton