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LETTER: Electric bikes and cloth shopping bags won’t save Kokanee Glacier

From reader Fred Malara

Re: Kokanee Glacer can’t be saved, Nov. 17

I suppose I was just as shocked as any deep feeling person to read Kokanee glacier can’t be saved.

To imagine, all of Nelson’s magical thinking and environmental self-awareness alone won’t save that iconic 10,000-year-old ice sheet makes the loss even more profound. But we even went beyond for our part. I was certain our cloth bags and LED lightbulbs would guarantee the glacier’s continued existence into perpetuity.

I was convinced Nelson checked all the right boxes to prevent this sad inevitability: environmental/spiritual themed murals, check. Electric bikes, check. Counter food waste dehydrators, check. Sports stores for all the gear, check. Supporting local businesses, check. Farmers’ market (admittedly, more folk art, used clothes, and cosmetics than produce, but that’s irrelevant), check. Affluent organic themed co-op, check. Fewer bears expelling methane, check. Hamburger month, check.

What more could we have done? If any community can brag about its environmental bona fides, surely, Nelson is queen among them. I doubt there are many communities more dedicated than Nelson is to consuming themselves into that coveted yet elusive circumstance, net zero. If Nelson couldn’t save Kokanee Glacier through its robust purchasing power, no one could have. We did our best. RIP Kokanee Glacier. You had a good run.

Fred Malara