LETTER: Film fest, hockey tourney both amazing

LETTER: Film fest, hockey tourney both amazing

From reader Bill McDonnell

In the event that you were unable to attend two sports/cultural/art events this past weekend, I want to share my appreciation for three days at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Nelson Minor Hockey’s Atom tournament.

The energy at both events by all ages confirms my gratitude for living in Nelson with the wonderful people who volunteer and sponsor such events year after year. Very few communities, let alone communities of our population, can not only host, but sell out three evenings of the film festival. The Atom tournament, while hosting eight out-of-town teams in addition to two Nelson teams, brings many benefits to our community.

I continue to be encouraged by the passion, energy and skill exhibited by these nine and 10 year olds, their coaches and their families. I marvel at their love of the game and respect for its rules. They are apologetic for their penalties and make extraordinary efforts to stay on-side, even diving across the blue line in order for the play to continue.

Given some of the challenges in our world in general and sport specifically, my very being is influenced by participating in these experiences.

Bill McDonnell