LETTER: Fletcher’s carbon tax guide not helpful

From reader Ron Robinson.....

LETTER: Fletcher’s carbon tax guide not helpful

Re: Tom Fletcher’s Voter’s Guide to Carbon Tax (Feb 7 online)

Mr. Fletcher’s column seemed more a disjointed rant than a useful guide. A real guide would have followed a logical progression such as:

Is climate change a real threat?

What is the major contributing factor for that change?

If CO2 emissions are the main cause, then what are the most effective ways to reduce those emissions?

The main purpose of a carbon tax is to put a price on the very thing responsible for climate change.

With that price, it is hoped that citizen and corporate consumption behavior will change in favor of lower carbon emission solutions such as increased efficiency or trading in your V8 car for a compact or hybrid.

Currently, BC is not on track to meet their emission reduction targets. Mr. Fletcher does not offer an alternate way of reaching those targets.

In his comment about India and China, Mr. Fletcher failed to mention that China is the world leader in the development and installation of solar technology.

We all know that political parties change their platform, sometimes due to new information, or needing to jump out in front of where they think the electorate is heading. None of us is forever locked in to opinions we may have had in an earlier life knowledge can do wonderful things.

One of Mr. Fletcher’s last comments has me puzzled what is an “American-financed protest industry?” Perhaps Mr. Fletcher would provide a follow-up, footnoted article where he can more fully explain such terms.

Ron Robinson