LETTER: Former director weighs in on RDCK salaries

From reader Larry Greenlaw...

LETTER: Former director weighs in on RDCK salaries

Re: “Raises for RDCK directors being considered” (Mar. 4)

As a taxpayer with limited funds and a concerned citizen I offer the following comments on the proposed pay increase for our employees, the board of directors at the RDCK.

I was an RDCK director for 12 years. At the first meeting I attended, to my surprise they brought around a pay form.

This was the first time I had ever been paid for attending a meeting on community affairs. It had always been considered part of being a good citizen.

Remuneration for rural directors was approximately $15,000 a year for travel, food, lodging and our stipend. In the past 12 years it has increased over 100 per cent to $33,000 per year.

Anyone else have a pay increase like this for a part time job? Now they want 20 per cent more for a part time job they were willing to campaign for. Are we willing to give it to them?

Larry Greenlaw

Meadow Creek