LETTER: I Am White – You Are Not!

LETTER: I Am White – You Are Not!

From reader Claus Schunke

While the extreme white-supremacist state of mind and how it expresses itself is abhorrent – at least it is clearly visible, thus could at least be contained, if there were a (politically advantageous) will to do so.


And if the general public — there and here — took steps beyond conveniently short twitterings and righteous “Likes” to show their support for (politically expedient) media-posturing.


After all, down there, habitual neighborhood racism – usually not as visually/audibly dramatic as the in-your-face of white-supremacists – still is a form of slavery, over time spread from the few to the many. Including those against slavery.

Up here, systemic/systematic state-sponsored racism has been in force against the real Canadians — and not only! — since day one!

In the process surely having spawned our very own – and while Canadians are ever so nice – thus-far-media-ignored white supremacists.

Sudden — within days after Charlottesville — mass-removal of statues and plaques — down there/up here – are a quickie guilt-born attempt at out-of-sight/out-of-mind.

Sudden ideological removal is another matter entirely.

Donald Trump is not the issue – he’s just one pimple that burst!

Claus Schunke