LETTER: In praise of mainstream media

From reader Brian Zacharias

I appreciate the Nelson Star because it is a good community newspaper. Community newspapers are disappearing all across North America.

I am a mainstream media guy. I appreciate public broadcasting like the CBC in Canada and PBS in the U.S. Some people claim the mainstream media is fake. These people get their information from the dark side of the internet. So, actually they themselves are feeding off of misleading or fake information.

I have heard amazing statements from people I know, like “the vaccines are a big conspiracy by big pharma” and “Bill Gates is the most evil person on the planet” and I have also heard from these same people that “climate change is a hoax.”

If we are going to have any chance in this climate change battle, all governments have to engage their resources to reverse the climate disaster we have set in motion. I give great credit to all groups who, according to scientific evidence, are working to find solutions to the disastrous increase in carbon in the atmosphere.

Brian Zacharias