LETTER: In praise of nurses

From reader Sophia Hurst

In my 60 years of life I have given birth and had a few surgeries, some minor and one major. In all of these experiences, I have been the recipient of wonderful nursing care. As this was Nurses Week, I reflected back upon one particular interaction 11 years ago, with a nurse on the surgical ward here at our Nelson hospital.

I had a four-hour surgery that left me exhausted, in pain and disoriented. I awoke in the middle of the night shaking with fever and panic and pressed the call button. A lovely young woman came to my aid, administered pain medication and most importantly, sat with me in the dark, held my hand and spoke quietly to me until my shaking and panic subsided. It was an incredibly powerful gesture, so simple on the outside, but so filled with compassion.

This is the hidden work nurses do every day, and so I extend my deep gratitude to every person in this essential profession. You make a difference.

Sophia Hurst