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LETTER: Keep health care out of the dark ages

From reader Evelyn Kristiansen.
Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

In plain and understandable English, not double talk, would someone please explain to us average Canadians how privatizing health care in our country will produce more hospitals, doctors, nurses, paramedics, health care workers. etc.

How about hiring health care workers who have been laid off? How about making better use of public monies available, like making services available for seniors to stay in their homes longer rather than in privatized care homes?

Privatization will put us back into the dark ages when only the wealthy could afford health care. In the dark ages, when my father’s appendix burst, he could have died if a wealthy neighbour did not come forward to pay for an operation.

Growing up our family did not have the money to provide the basic health care for us children. Health care for everyone has been taken for granted for many years now in Canada. Thank you Tommy Douglas.

Evelyn Kristiansen