LETTER: Keep smiling and whirling

From reader Allan A. Chalmers



So social isolation precludes dancing or contact except as a whirling dervish with arms spread and without touching (only works if you’re over six feet tall).

Touchless payments for goods that must be scanned? Accelerating a cashless society.

Over 60s are thus over-isolated and unsafe to hug or be hugged. I am 68.

So if I get this sickness without a live-in partner I shall be self quarantined alone in my paradise. I have a phone line, but no mobile phone or computer. (Luddite, see above.)

Having booked my exit for this coming November, my travel agent tells me I can get a credit but not a refund, even if the planes can’t go by government order.

The taxman wants tax on my portfolios (RSP and investments), dividends and currency distribution gains and capital gains for 2019. The market crash losses? Maybe tough luck?

As for TV, it only repeatedly confirms all the above.

Keep smiling and whirling. You are not spiritually or mentally alone.

Allan A. Chalmers