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LETTER: Lack of regional transportation impacts Kootenay residents

From reader Saria Andrew
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We need a public, affordable, accessible, environmentally friendly and interconnected, transportation system in British Columbia.

Most Kootenays residents know the difficulties of going anywhere in the province without a car. It is a large problem for the disabled, elderly, young, or poor, and it is harmful to the environment. There is a private bus service that is limited regarding days of the week and destinations. Airplane service in the West Kootenays is expensive and unreliable, in addition to the usual environmental concerns. This is a problem everywhere in B.C., and most rural people must travel for medical appointments, employment, and visiting family.

The B.C. government spent millions to help private transportation companies during COVID. They also created one Northern route. These are unconnected and infrequent, and the private companies must make a sizeable profit. Vancouver Island will lose its only transportation system in January because the company needed more money than it would make during winter.

B.C. needs to make public transportation a priority for all parts of the province. Some things can be done more efficiently and at a lower cost by a public service, in place to serve citizens rather than make profit.

Saria Andrew