LETTER: Leading citizen has musical side

LETTER: Leading citizen has musical side

Reader says Barry Nelson and his wife Wendy are "happy, guitar-picking, great citizens."

Re: Citizen of the Year

Thank you for the story on Barry Nelson, Citizen of the Year … it’s all true! He’s most-deserving.

And, if there was such a thing as co-citizen of the year, that would be Barry’s wife Wendy. Both of them have provided years of leadership to the bi-weekly bluegrass jam we hold at Bigby Place; I don’t know how we’d manage without them.

They are charter members of the West Kootenay Bluegrass Society, now starting its 16th year. Barry also does a regular gig at Jubilee Manor and Wendy has a harmonica show on Kootenay Coop Radio. Not only are they great citizens of our city; they are happy, guitar-picking great citizens.

We’ll overlook the Chihuahuas  … nobody’s perfect.

Ralph Friesen

Secretary, West Kootenay Bluegrass Society