LETTER: Letter slanders conservatives, men, and firearms owners

From reader Andy Tarrant

Re: LETTER: Death threats against Dr. Bonnie Henry, March 4

Firstly, this letter is clearly confrontational and slanderous towards not only firearms owners, not only conservatives, but also anyone who identifies as male. This is a disgusting act of bigotry and intolerance. I am horrified that you would agree to publish such an article. This clearly displays the culture of rampant anti-male-conservatism that exists at your organization. Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that generalizations like this are extremely harmful to everyone.

Secondly, the article strongly implies that Canadians have murdered Canadian abortion doctors in Canada. This is completely untrue, as there is absolutely no evidence of any anti-abortion doctor murders in Canada since the time of Confederation.

This is a deliberate attempt to mislead readers and again portray male conservatives and male gun owners as violent and unstable. This is patently untrue, as it is a fact that firearm owners in Canada are vetted far beyond normal citizens by the RCMP, and it is also a fact that licensed firearms owners in Canada are about one-third as likely to commit a crime as an ordinary citizen.

Thirdly, with a simple Google search, I was able to find that the three anti-abortion shootings (in Canada since Confederation) are all linked to the same American individual, who has since been convicted of one of these Canadian shootings, and also of several murders in the USA. This article again implied that Canadian conservatives and firearms owners are the root cause of this violence, when there is significant, easily available evidence to prove otherwise.

I am formally asking you to withdraw or publicly correct all the lies within this article, as it is obviously incredibly biased towards males, conservatives, and gun owners, when there is clearly no evidence to support any of these substantial accusations.

Andy Tarrant

Kootenay Bay