LETTER: Lions Club pancake breakfast saved

LETTER: Lions Club pancake breakfast saved

From reader Travis Nakken

Re: “Low Lions Club membership could lead to event cancellations,” May 9

Pancakes. That’s what it took to possibly save the Nelson Lions Club. A few weeks ago an article in the Star let people know that we were almost close to ending some of our annual events and fundraisers that we put on in Nelson. Despite an error in the article about when we have our meetings, we are excited to announce that three new members have joined our club since then.

Thank you Roger Ley, Jennifer Edgar and Tara Gray for joining our club at the meeting after that article. And again at our last meeting we had seven more locals come check out the club and express an interest in joining.

We meet the first and third Tuesday of each month at the Hume Hotel 6:30 p.m. September to the end of June. We have one more meeting on June 18. If you are interested in coming, please contact us and we will be happy to have you.

Back to pancakes. Yes, the Nelson Lions Club Canada Day pancake breakfast will happen again for the 67th year on Baker Street. From 8 till 11 a.m. we will be serving pancakes and sausages with a drink for $6 ($4 for kids). Get there early as the lineups are getting bigger each year. Bring your own cutlery and help cut down waste.

We are also putting on a celebration for our park in Uphill. We will be hosting our annual Lions Park Day on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., including free food, games, prizes, bouncy castles, face painting. Tons of fun for the whole family.

Service work and volunteering: it’s the hidden glue that holds communities together!

Travis Nakken