LETTER: Living on past glories in BC

Reader Johanna Sandkuhl carbon taxes should gradually increase to reflect the real costs of carbon.

I often recall those times with a group of close friends when we would reflect on our many shared adventures. Now, with age and arthritis comes the need to make the best of the new reality.

When I read about BC’s Premier Clark continuing to float on the past glory of a now frozen carbon tax, I can’t help but think that she too needs to step in to the new reality. The current carbon tax, frozen at $30 per metric ton, will not achieve the emission reductions that are required. To be effective, a carbon tax needs to gradually increase to fairly reflect the real costs of carbon on the health of the planet and to send signals to industry to help them transition to a carbon neutral economy.

The current BC carbon tax and Alberta’s ante in of $30 per metric ton should not be interpreted as the “final solution.” It is the minimum bid to enter the game of effective climate action. In BC, if you place the minimum bid and also invest in new carbon-based industries, it becomes clear there is no serious intent to effectively play the game.

Johanna Sandkuhl, Nelson