Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Photo: Bill Metcalfe

LETTER: Lockdowns are effective

From reader Brenda D. Cooper

Re: “Lockdown is unjustified,” Letters, July 2

I am always shocked when someone starts to spread the idea that a lockdown has no effect on the spread of the COVID (or any other contagious disease).

One only need look to the south to see what happens when measures are not taken to stop the spread of this new virus. The U.S. now has the largest number of deaths and cases of the virus in the world, exceeding China that has a population 4.2 times that of the U.S., and was the first to deal with this unknown viral agent.

The lockdown of China’s population in the infected areas clearly had an impact on controlling the spread within the country.

Often when a new infectious agent enters a population, there are devastating effects. The Bubonic plague, the 1918 flu, and viruses from the Old World that were introduced to Native populations of the New World all wiped out large numbers of those exposed. There is no immunity to these pathogens and in the past no treatment for or understanding of the spread of them, resulting in such high death tolls.

We have the knowledge that the COVID virus is spread by coming in contact with droplets from an infected person. Physically distancing and the wearing of a mask while in groups of people is the responsible thing to do, period. This will minimize the exposure to others and stop the spread, thus stopping the deaths of vulnerable members of our society. When we have the knowledge that was not present in the past pandemics, why would anyone not wish to follow the recommendations of health authorities?

Mr. Metzger suggested the route Sweden took was the way to go. Sweden has the highest rate of COVID cases and deaths in the Scandinavian countries.

He also named three doctors who say the lockdown is insane, in the face of countless other experts who disagree. The facts have shown that shutting things down in the short term, until we get organized to get things going safely again, has indeed saved lives.

Again, just look to the south and see the results of what happens when a population does not comply with the heath restrictions put in place. There is no thought of the welfare of the whole society, just each individual’s “rights and freedoms” and to heck with everyone else.

As Bonnie Henry has repeatedly said, “This is not forever, just for now.”

I beg the people of BC and Canada to continue to comply with the regulations set out by our chief health officers, and act responsibly to protect all of our citizens, not just think of one’s self during this time.

Brenda D. Cooper