LETTER: Machine, not people, should travel for mammograms

LETTER: Machine, not people, should travel for mammograms

Letter-writer Pegasis McGauley has a suggestion for the health authority...

Re: “Mammography at Kootenay Lake hospital or bust”

I have a suggestion I hope will help remove the barrier to the 600 to 700 Nelson, North Shore, Kaslo area, Slocan Valley and Nakusp women each year soon to be required by Interior Health to travel further to Trail for diagnostic mammograms.

This new digital machine could be brought from Trail to Kootenay Lake Hospital one day a week, thus offering the same amount of service here as the current two half days of operation of the retiring unit. Trail’s diagnostic mammography is now operating four days per week, so there would be no reduction to their service.

We know this equipment is movable because the routine screening mammography vans, soon to be upgraded to digital units, have been transporting it all over the province for years.Then Nelson area patients currently being sent by doctors to Trail for digital diagnostic mammography can have this test closer to home.

Pegasis McGauley, Chair

Nelson Area Society for Health