LETTER: More doctors in Nelson please

From reader M. Humphreys

It is wonderful to see our small town thriving. Our secret is out, and folks are flocking to the Nelson area in droves. The housing shortage and lack of affordable housing are crises within themselves. Building housing to address the shortage is crucial.

That said, there is a severe shortage of family doctors in Nelson for existing residents of the area. I feel that every available resource should be put towards attracting doctors to our small town before developing a town without the proper infrastructure in place to support the population increase.

I am a long time resident of the area and I lost my family doctor of many years a few years ago (the lovely Dr. Boyd). As a person with a chronic illness, it’s untenable and scary to attempt to manage chronic health issues through a walk-in clinic. The consistent continuum of care is crucial to wellness.

Please, Mayor John Dooley and MLA Brittny Anderson, make the hiring of doctors a priority before further development. The million dollar gazebo at the bottom of Hall St. can wait. People’s lives can’t.

M. Humphreys


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