LETTER: More NDP smoke and mirrors

From reader Tom Prior

Re: Nelson ecologist named to provincial old growth technical panel, July 1

B.C.’s NDP kicks at the “log and talk” can again by announcing another old growth expert panel to beat around the bush while the last few ancient trees are axed to the parched earth.

We are led to believe that the appointment of local ecologist Dr. Holt to the new provincial Old Growth Technical Advisory Panel will mitigate or change the current rate of logging.

According to Dr. Holt because of her appointment to the panel: “There is a interest in getting to the bottom of the confusion about the status of old growth in B.C.” I find it hard to believe a person with a PhD thinks the NDP government of B.C. can’t see the trees for the forest. This the second time Dr. Holt has claimed in local media that the NDP are not guilty of intentionally logging the last healthy old growth ecosystems in our province.

The half dozen white folk forest experts on this fourth, or is it fifth, old growth advisory panel would do better protecting the old growth by chaining themselves to an ancient tree and refusing to work for a socialist or capitalist regime that are based on ecocide to win provincial elections.

The old growth forest issue is now part of the NDP’s smoke and mirror forestry policy. Keep the concerned citizen focused on the tiny amount of remaining old growth while we gut out the healthy intact primitive drainages, ensuring future generations will never have ancient forest ecosystems.

Tom Prior


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