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LETTER: Nelson is no longer charming

From reader C. Burton

Over the past two years there have been three attacks on Baker Street that have led to serious injuries or deaths. That is a very serious, bad track record. I question why the Nelson police force didn’t up their street presence with constables on foot and bike after the first incident. The only constant law enforcement I ever see in Nelson is the meterman.

In my youth there were charges of “drunk and disorderly” given out regularly to rowdy people on the streets and often they got to chill their binge drinking and tempers in jail for the night. What happened to that way of keeping a town feeling safe? Why has Nelson become so accommodating to the “disadvantaged” at the peril of “the mainstream” and visitors? I understand the virtues of being kind and caring, but there is “idiot compassion” as well.

I live out of town and have watched these changes in Nelson with dismay. My desire to shop or socialize in Nelson keeps dropping.

And considering how often I meet friends from Nelson outside of town trying to find some quiet and respite, I would have to say I am not the only one unhappy with what’s happening here.

Council needs to admit that it is no longer the charming, small Queen City of the Kootenays and that it has big city problems of drug addicts and trafficking, a significant homeless population, and exorbitant housing prices which need as much attention as climate action, if not more.

Your promotion of the city and area has been extremely successful. Now you need to figure out how to tame the beast you have created.

C. Burton