LETTER: Nelson is vulnerable

From reader Brian Zacharias

A couple of days ago I was coming home from Four Mile and there was a stiff breeze blowing down the lake towards Nelson. I noticed on the East Shore there is a lot of forest, which carries on into the city. Also, the city is carpeted with evergreens. Nelson is vulnerable. A lightning strike on the East Shore along with some wind could bring fire into Nelson. This is where Nelson is most vulnerable. A fire could come quickly with little time for dealing with evacuation.

It’s debatable how much of Nelson could survive such an event. Listening to the man from Lytton who lost his parents, his home, and all his possessions should be a warning. It was spot fires and an evergreen tree that started his house on fire. We are all facing this season of fires with little or no rain in sight. The effect of climate change is frightening.

Brian Zacharias