LETTER: New voters have tremendous opportunity

Reader Ron Robinson says voting is a voice for the type of future you want.

I have always enjoyed the idea of being able to vote and have done so since I was of age. During the last provincial election, the choice was made to vote for the party I felt best matched my political philosophy regarding social justice, need for a new economic model and respect for the planet. The big struggle was my fear that an “inexperienced” party could not run the business of the province – let alone the country.

When I considered the idea of “governance” and reflected on my own involvement with various organizations, I realized my fear was not sound. When we run the affairs in our own lives – we are practicing governance. When we determine a tooth needs to be filled or a sink replaced, we engage the services of those people who can affect the changes we want to see. That is governance.

When a political party sets out a series of policies to run the business of the country, they do not personally go about performing the related tasks of implementation. Their job is to provide the vision, policies and leadership – that is governance.

When I vote in October, I will no longer have doubts that the party of my choice lacks experience – they have the vision, policies and leadership and that is governance. If you have never voted, this could be a tremendous opportunity to express your voice as to the type of future you want. Silence can not be heard and acts as a vote for nothing to change.

Ron Robinson